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SUBJECT [Jul 3] Italy hosts G20 Foreign and Development Ministers meetings
DATE 2021-07-03

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On June 29, the first in-person Ministerial Meetings under the Italian G20 Presidency took place in Matera, Italy. G20 Foreign Affairs Ministers' Meeting was held in the morning, followed by a joint Meeting of the foreign Affairs and Development Ministers.


The Ministers called for a coordinated response to major global challenges such as post-COVID-19 pandemic recovery, international trade, climate change, digital transition, etc. Moreover, special attention to supporting Africa's sustainable development led to a discussion on how G20 can contribute to Africa's effort in fighting inequality and fostering green and digital economy.


As the result of the joint Meeting, the Ministers adopted the “Matera Declaration,“ which includes food security, inclusive and resilient food chains, climate change, empowerment of women and youth, etc.


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