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SUBJECT [Mar 24] Bulgarian President vetoes on State of Emergency measures bill
DATE 2020-03-24

Photo: Sofiaglobe. President Radev vetoes on State of Emergency measures bill


On March 23, 2020, Bulgaria’s Parliament voted on reviewing some parts of the State of Emergency Measure Bill, which was drafted to counter the spread of COVID-19.


Bulgarian President Rumen Radev vetoed on two provisions of the bill on March 22 through a televised address. The veto was on the amendment in the Penal Code concerning imposition of heavy fines up to 10,000leva ($5,520) and possible jail terms for spreading false information about an epidemic, and a clause aimed at preventing profiteering by requiring retailers to sell goods at the same prices as before the state of emergency was declared.


The bill was drafted by the Ministry of Justice and sent to the Parliament on March 16. Through the first and second readings of the bill, a number of amendments were made through debates among MPs. After the second reading, the parliament approved and the bill passed.


However, the President used his veto power to challenge the two provisions above, followed by the cast of Parliament’s vote. On the vote, 118 MPs backed the veto, 14 voted against, and 56 abstained, which wins over Bulgarian Parliament’s requirement of a simple majority in approving the veto.




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