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SUBJECT [Mar 7] Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan wins vote of confidence from Parliament
DATE 2021-03-07

Photo : Office of Prime Minister of Pakistan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan won a confidence vote in Parliament on March 6.

PM Khan received 178 votes from members of his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party and allies in the 342-seat National Assembly (lower house), reproving confidence thereby securing his premiership. PM Khan needed at least 172 seats to win confidence.

After his party (PTI) was defeated in the upper house election on March 3, PTI failed to win a majority in the 100-seat Senate. Following the election result, the opposition parties questioned PM Khan’s leadership, putting Khan in a precarious position.

After the upper house election, opposition parties demanded PM Khan’s resignation. However, PM Khan and his party have decided to seek a vote of confidence from the Parliament to confirm his leadership. The confidence vote was taken without 160 opposition members, who had announced their decision to boycott the vote session.

PM Khan won general election and became Prime Minister of Pakistan in August 2018.



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