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SUBJECT Delegation of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey visits the Serbian parliament
DATE 2018-11-01


On Wednesday the 31st, a delegation of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey visited the Serbian parliament in the country’s capital Belgrade.


During the visit the Turkish delegation led by Chairman Volkan Bozkir met with Vice President of the National Assembly of Serbia Veroljub Arsi and President of Foreign Affairs Commission Zarko Obradovic.


In a statement released after the meeting, Obradovic emphasized the necessity of providing mutual support in international organization such as the Council of Europe.


He expressed hope that frequent meetings at the level of the Foreign Affairs committee would lead to strengthening of cooperation between the two countries.


According to Obradovic, though the two have varying views on the status of Kosovo, two countries cooperate at all levels. In particular, the construction of the Turkish Stream, a natural gas pipeline currently under construction since 2017, will be of great benefit to Serbia especially in terms of energy supplies.


Following the meeting, the Vice President of Serbian National Assembly pointed out that Turkey’s stance in Southeast Europe and the Balkans is important to ensure stability.


Bozkir also emphasized that such visits on parliamentary level can strengthen parliamentary cooperation, mentioning Serbia as an important strategic partner for Turkey.


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