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SUBJECT Speaker of the ROK National Assembly receives an official visit from the Japanese parliamentary delegation
DATE 2018-11-06


On November 5th, Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea Moon Hee-sang received an official visit from the Japanese parliamentary delegation who were invited by the Korea-Japan Cooperation Commission.


ROK Speaker Moon and the Japanese delegation discussed the means to develop future-oriented relationship between the two countries.


After welcoming the delegation, Speaker Moon said “the key to resolving Korea-Japan relationship is in the Republic of Korea-Japan Joint Declaration for the 21st century signed by ROK President Kim Dae-Jung and Japanese Prime Minister Obuchi Keizo.”


“Korea-Japan relationship must be two-tracked. While the past should be faced, we should also accept and cooperate,” the ROK Speaker added. Moon Hee-sang expressed hopes that the new generation of the MPs will be comprehensive and far-sighted when looking at Korea-Japan relationship.


Speaker Moon mentioned the development in the relationship between the Republic of Korea and North Korea, emphasizing that the ROK-U.S. relationship is the most important basis, and that Korea-Japan relationship is the second most important basis for such development. He said that active exchanges between the two Koreas will also benefit Japan economically.


Head of the Japanese delegation Yasuhisa Shiozaki of LDP thanked the ROK Speaker for meeting the delegation and said they will strive to improve the bilateral relationship with futuristic outlook by cooperating with the Korea-Japan Cooperation Commission.


The ROK delegation included Deputy Speaker of the ROK National Assembly Lee Ju-young and MP Kang Chang-il, the chairperson of the Korea-Japan Cooperation Commission. The Japanese delegation included four MPs including MP Shiozaki Yasuhisa, and Japanese Ambassador to Korea Nagamine Yasumasa.


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