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SUBJECT Right-wing MP Inara Murniece re-elected as the speaker of Latvian parliament
DATE 2018-11-07


On November 6th, MP Inara Murniece was reelected as the Speaker of the Latvian parliament by the 13th Saeima, the parliament of Latvia newly elected in early October. The voting took place during the first meeting of the 13th Saeima.


Inara Murniece of the right-wing National Alliance party defeated rival Dagmara Beitnere-Le Galla of the New Conservative Party with 12 votes ahead (44-32).


The incumbent Speaker received 13 votes from the liberal alliance For Development/For, 12 votes from her National Alliance Party, 10 from the Greens and Farmers Union, and 7 from New Unity. The 22 MPs of the leftist Harmony Party abstained from voting.


As a result of the election, Murniece will continue to represent the parliament, chair the sessions, the duties she has performed since elected in 2014. Beitnere-Le Galla will serve as the Deputy Speaker of the 13th Seima.


After the victory, Murniece thanked MPs for their support and emphasized that she will continue her duties with the best of conscience.


Previous to becoming an MP in the 11th Saeima, Murniece worked as a journalist in the Latvijas Avize newspaper, covering domestic and foreign politics.


Murniece received education at the University of Latvia and the University of Economics and Culture.


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