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SUBJECT [July 15] Korean National Assembly Speaker discusses sending delegation to North Korea, Algerian legislators elect opposition figure as Speaker, Indian investments expected to strengthen bilateral ties with Myanmar
DATE 2019-07-15


PHOTO: Yonhap News. National Assembly Speaker Moon Hee-sang holds a news conference at his office in Seoul on July 12, 2019, on the occasion of the first anniversary of his election as parliamentary leader.


South Korea's parliamentary Speaker Hee-sang Moon said on July 12, 2019 that he will consider sending a delegation of lawmakers to North Korea to give fresh impetus to inter-Korean relations.


National Assembly Speaker Moon Hee-sang said an improvement in relations between the two Koreas is indispensable to the success of bilateral negotiations between the United States and North Korea.


"There should be new momentum in inter-Korean relations. On the parliamentary level, I'll push to send a delegation to the North," Moon said in a news conference marking the first anniversary of his election as the Assembly leader.


"I and the floor leaders (of major parties) agreed to realize the delegation idea at the earliest possible time during a meeting on July 8. We'll also closely consult with the government on the issue and expect a positive response from the North after a formal proposal is made," Moon said.


The speaker gave a positive evaluation of the recent gathering of leaders of the two Koreas and the U.S. at the border peace village of Panmunjom, calling it an important turning point in the Korean Peninsula peace process and a source of fresh momentum for the resumption of the North-U.S. talks.











PHOTO: AFP. Newly elected speaker of Algeria's parliament, Slimane Chenine, leader of a parliamentary alliance of three small Islamist parties, July 11, 2019, in Algiers.


On 11 July 2019, Algerian legislators have elected an Islamist opposition figure as speaker of Algeria's parliament. Slimane Chenine, the leader of the Movement of National Construction Party, will replace Mouad Bouchareb of the National Liberation Front (NLF), who resigned as speaker on July 2 amid pressure from protesters and lawmakers.


The Movement of National Construction party is part of a parliamentary alliance of three small Islamist parties – Ennhada, Adala, and El Bina. Chenine, a fairly well-known Islamist politician, is the first person in the country's history to be elected parliament speaker without being a member of the ruling FLN (Front de liberation nationale) party.


Chenine was elected in a parliamentary session with support from the National Liberation Front - Bouteflika’s party - and the National Democratic Rally party, which together hold a majority of seats in the lower house.


After his election, Speaker Chenine said that at this critical juncture in the nation's history, he expresses his own support and that of all of his colleagues for Algeria's peaceful popular uprising, in addition to expressing support and pride for the nation's armed forces.


The FLN's secretary-general, Mohammed Jamaie, told a news conference that both he and his colleagues were willing to support someone from an opposition party in the interest of the country.


He said that the FLN has its guiding principles, among the most and least important of us, and that all of the party members believe in putting the country above partisan interests, and important sounding titles.




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