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SUBJECT [Nov 22] Bosnia-Herzegovina’s tripartite presidency appoints PM-Designate
DATE 2019-11-22

PHOTO: Mr. Zoran Tegeltija becomes Bosnia-Herzegovina’s PM-Designate.  



On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, Bosnia-Herzegovina’s presidency appointed Mr. Zoran Tegeltija as PM-designate.


The presidents - Mr. Milorad Dodik, Mr. Sefik Dzaferovic, and Mr. Zeljko Komsic – have come to an agreement to send the government’s reform programs to NATO once Mr. Tegeltija’s appointment is voted by its parliament. In order for Mr. Tegeltija to officially take office, the presidency’s decision needs to be approved by the country’s parliament.


Mr. Tegeltija, whose nomination to the head of Council of Ministers marks the end of a 13-month deadlock, previously served as finance minister and economist.


The recent move to resolve the political impasse came along when the presidency, which consists of three members to represent different ethnic groups, reached a compromise to cooperate with NATO.


"We are expecting this to unblock the work of the parliament and the formation of governments at all levels, so they can carry out the jobs they had been elected for, meaning to implement reforms in all areas," said President Dzaferovic.


The end of the dispute is further expected to help Bosnia-Herzegovina to move forward with its accession talks with the EU, as well as its funding talks with the IMF.


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