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SUBJECT [Nov 26] Secretary-General of SCO meets with head of the EU delegation to Mongolia
DATE 2019-11-26

PHOTO: Secretary-General of SCO and head of the EU delegation to Mongolia hold a meeting at the SCO Secretariat. 



On November 25, 2019, Secretary-General Vladimir Norov of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) held a meeting with Mr. Traian Hristea, head of the EU delegation to Mongolia. 


During the meeting at the SCO Secretariat, the two sides exchanged their ideas on cooperative activities in combatting terrorism, organized crimes, and drug trafficking for peace, stability, and security. The participants also discussed the interconnection between international and national strategies, including Greater Eurasia and the EU. 


One of the relevant joint efforts is Meeting of Speakers of Eurasian Countries’ Parliaments (MSEAP), which is an annual meeting of speakers who seek to strengthen prosperity and peace in Eurasia. The latest MSEAP, themed “Greater Eurasia: Dialogue. Trust. Partnership,” was held in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, from September 23 to 24, 2019. 


The meeting between Mr. Norov and Mr. Hristea was preceded by the third high-level special UN-SCO event that focused on related issues. Held under the theme “Cooperation to promote peace, security, and stability: preventing the linking of terrorism with organized crime and its financing through drug trafficking,” the event took place in New York on November 19, and around 180 delegates gathered to propose resolutions to pressing problems. 


In addition to emphasizing interdependence and cooperation, Mr. Norov showed the SCO’s determination in his closing remarks at the end of the conference by saying: "The SCO is determined to contribute proactively to this process and to take ownership of efforts to consolidate peace, regional security, and stability, and to fight terrorism, drug trafficking and other kinds of criminal activity." 


More information about the SCO’s objectives, activities, and member states can be found here:


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