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SUBJECT [Nov 28] European Parliament elects new European Commission
DATE 2019-11-28

PHOTO: European Commission President-elect, Ms. Ursula von der Leyen, presents her team and commitments before the final plenary vote.



On November 27, MEPs elected a new European Commission. In the roll call vote, a total of 461 MEPs voted in favor of the new Commission, while 157 voted against it. Meanwhile, 89 MEPs chose to abstain.


The new Commission, which serves for a five-year term, is expected to take office on December 1, but EU heads of state or government still need to formally appoint it. 


In order for Parliament to carefully examine and judge the nominations, the plenary vote was preceded by the hearings process that lasted for approximately two months. When the entire hearing process was concluded, Parliament gave its approval to the new College of Commissioners led by Ms. Ursula von der Leyen, who became Commission President-elect in July.


During the opening statement, President-elect Ursula von der Leyen emphasized many of the commitments that she had previously mentioned during the plenary session last July, along with those made by the Commissioners-designate. Her vision to introduce investment and regulatory framework for Europe covers many major topics including climate change, growth, inclusion, innovation, digitalization, democracy protection, citizens’ rights, and the rule of law.


One notable characteristic of the new Commission is female representation, which is the highest that the Commission has ever seen. Including President-elect von der Leyen, the new Commission consists of 12 female members and 15 male members.


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