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SUBJECT [Dec 12] Iranian candidates register for parliamentary elections; Israel to hold third parliamentary election within a year
DATE 2019-12-12

PHOTO: Reuters. Iran to hold parliamentary elections in February 2020.



As of December 8, 2019, 16,145 candidates are to be registered for February parliamentary elections in Iran. The number of registered candidates is higher than it was in 2016, for about 12,000 people signed up to run for parliament.


The registration period started on December 1 and ended on December 7, with the Guardian Council overseeing qualifications of candidates.


Iranian Parliament comprises 290 elected members who serve for four years. The next election for the 11th Majlis (Parliament) will be held on February 21, 2020.


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PHOTO: Arab News. Israel faces its third parliamentary election in a 12-month period.



On December 11, 2019, Israeli Parliament approved a preliminary reading of a bill on its dissolution, with 50 votes in favor and no objections. The preliminary vote called for an unprecedented third general election within a year to overcome the current deadlock in Knesset, which was caused by the failure to form a coalition government within a deadline. For new elections to be held on March 2, two more plenary readings and votes on the bill are required. 


The ongoing political deadlock was prolonged in Israel due to inconclusive results of general elections held in April and September. In September elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party won 32 seats, while his main opponent Mr. Benny Gantz’s Blue and White alliance secured 33 seats. Since no party secured a 61-seat majority in the 120-seat Knesset, the two leaders tried to form a coalition government. However, the talks have broken down, making another election in March inevitable. 


In parallel, the Likud Party will have a leadership primary on December 26, with Mr. Gideon Saar running against the incumbent Prime Minister for the party’s leadership role.


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