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SUBJECT [Mar 13] Kyrgyzstan and Iran show sign of cooperation amidst COVID-19 outbreak
DATE 2020-03-13


Photo: Mehrnews. Iranian Ambassador to Bishkek Saeed Kharazi and the Speaker of the Supreme Council of Kyrgyzstan Dastan Dzhumabekov hold talks


Iranian Ambassador to Bishkek, Saeed Kharazi, had a meeting with the Speaker of the Supreme Council of Kyrgyzstan, Dastan Dzhumabekov on March 10, 2020. The two parties talked about strengthening bilateral cooperation in political, economic, cultural, and humanitarian spheres. Expanding parliamentary cooperation and dealing with the prevailing COVID-19 were also mentioned.


Dzhumabekov showed a strong will that Kyrgyzstan wants to expand trade and economic relations with Iran. He also expressed his country’s interest in attracting Iran’s investment to hydroelectric industry and the exchange of knowledge about the construction of small and medium-sized hydroelectric plants.


Kharazi also expressed Iran’s readiness to expand ties with Kyrgyzstan. With a strong need to control the spreading of COVID-19, he claimed that bilateral cooperation to block the spread of the virus from hindering common trade between Tehran and Bishkek is crucial. As a response, Dzhumabekov explained about the anti-COVID-19 measures taken by his government. He assured that the restrictive measures in place to counter the entry of COVID-19 to Kyrgyzstan will not meddle with the relations with Iran.


Earlier on March 3, Kharazi met with Kyrgyz Deputy Health Minister Tolo Isakov to discuss cooperation methods and exchange necessary information on fight against COVID-19.




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