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SUBJECT [May 28] Iran gets new Speaker
DATE 2020-05-28

Photo: Ifpnews: Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf elected as Iranian Parliament’s new Speaker


On May 28, Iran’s new parliament elected a new Speaker. Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf, a former mayor of Tehran, will be replacing Ali Larijani, who has served as the Parliament’s Speaker since 2008.


Iran’s newly-elected parliament convened for the first time on May 27, after thorough testing of lawmakers and strict regulations of wearing masks and keeping social distance. The day after, the parliamentary session proceeded with a vote to elect a new Speaker. Out of 264 lawmakers present during the session, 230 voted for Qalibaf.


Qalibaf is a 58-year-old politician who served in the military starting from his 20s and as a mayor of Tehran for 12 years. During his term in the office, he improved the city's subway lines and worked to introduce modern buildings to its landscape.




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