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SUBJECT [June 15] Finland gets new Speaker
DATE 2020-06-15

Photo: YLE. Finland's new Speaker of Parliament Anu Vehviläinen (on left) with her predecessor Matti Vanhanen


On June 9, Finnish Parliament elected Anu Vehviläinen as the new Speaker. Her predecessor, Matti Vanhanen, was appointed as the new Finance Minister of Finland.


During the plenary session, 167 out of 200 attended MPS voted for Vehviläinen, thus fulfilling a resounding majority to be elected. She was sworn in immediately after the vote in the plenary chamber, and gave her acceptance speech to the parliament. In her speech, she stated that the COVID-19 crisis taught the Finnish parliament a lesson on emergency resilience. "The lesson from this spring is that working procedures must be reformed in such a way that parliament can take decisions in all circumstances," Vehviläinen said.


The new Speaker Vehviläinen is a veteran MP who was a Minister of Local Government and Public Reforms during 2015-2019 under PM Juha Sipilä's administration. She is currently also a Chair of the parliament’s Social Affairs and Health Committee.




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