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SUBJECT [June 17] Hungarian parliament votes to end state of emergency
DATE 2020-06-17

Photo: BBC. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban


On June 16, the Hungarian Parliament voted to end the nation’s state of emergency. As the number of COVID-19 infection cases curb, the Members decided to revoke special powers granted to Prime Minister Viktor Orban.


Since March, the Hungarian government had gained special rights to tackle the spread of COVID-19 without any specifics on the span of the decree. During the session on June 16, the proposal to end the decree was voted on and was supported unanimously by 192 attended Members. However, the parliament decided to maintain some of the measures introduced by Orban, such as a moratorium on all loan repayments until the end of this year.


The parliament also passed a bill, granting the government to declare a state of emergency in future if Hungary were to face threats from pandemics and health crisis again. For now, Hungary is to focus on reviving the economy damaged by the pandemic.




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