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SUBJECT [June 22] Serbia holds parliamentary election
DATE 2020-06-22

Photo: Aljazeera. Serbian citizens coming to polling stations to vote in parliamentary election


On June 21, Serbia held a parliamentary election. The election date was originally April 26, but was postponed as the country declared a state of emergency because of COVID-19 pandemic on March 15. In early May, the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic fixed June 21 as the date for the election, thus holding the first national election in Europe since the outbreak of the health crisis. Polling stations were equipped with face masks and hand sanitizers for the security of the electorate.


The outcome of the 2020 parliamentary election of Serbia was a lead by the governing party SNS (Serbian Progressive Party) with 62.4 percent of the votes secured. The Socialist Party of Serbia came in second with 10.7 percent of the votes. The Serbian Patriotic Alliance led by former water polo player Aleksandar Sapic took third in the elections with 4.1 percent of the votes.


The voting turnout of the election was 48 percent, which is lower than the turnout of 2016 elections, 56.7 percent. The fear of the infectious disease seems to have influenced the voting rate.




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