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SUBJECT [June 25] Mongolia holds parliamentary election
DATE 2020-06-25

Photo: Channelnewsasia. Mongolian voters checking temperature before voting in a polling station


On June 24, Mongolia held a regular parliamentary election under strict COVID-19 instructions. The voters were required to maintain a distance of 2 meters among themselves, and election workers checked their temperatures and distributed hand sanitizers.


According to the General Election Commission, the governing Mongolian People’s Party took the lead in the election. They won 62 out of 76 seats, keeping the majority but a bit less than the 65 seats taken in 2016 general election. The main opposition Democratic Party won 11 seats, taking second in the election. Among the remaining three seats, two were taken by Right Person Electorate Coalition and Your and Our Coalition, securing one seat each. Former Mongolian Prime Minister Norov Altankhuyag, who ran for the parliamentary election as an independent candidate, won the last remaining seat.


According to the GEC, the voter turnout was 73.64 percent, which was 1.54 percentage points higher than that of the 2016 general election, which was at 72.1 percent. The new 76 Members will be in charge of the parliament for the next four years. Mongolia has been maintaining a nearly 30-year democracy since the adoption of a new constitution in 1992.




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