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SUBJECT [Dec 16] U.K. holds parliamentary elections
DATE 2019-12-16

PHOTO: CNN. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson attends the vote declaration in Uxbridge.



On December 12, U.K. held general elections. The results were announced the next day, with Conservative Party’s landslide victory.


Amongst 650 seats in the House of Commons, Conservative Party secured 365 seats, winning majority, whereas its main opponent, Labour Party, won 203 seats. Meanwhile, Scottish National Party won 48 seats, Liberal Democratic Party secured 11 seats, and Democratic Unionist Party held 8 seats. 15 other votes were distributed among the following parties: Sinn Féin, Plaid Cymru, Social Democratic and Labour Party, Green, and Alliance.


Compared to the 2017 general election results, Conservative Party gained 47 more seats but Labour Party lost 59 seats. Speaking at this election count, Jeremy Corbyn said that he will not be leading Labour Party at the next election. He added: "Brexit has so polarised and divided debate in this country, it has overridden so much of a normal political debate…I recognise that has contributed to the results that the Labour Party has received this evening all across this country."


Another important outcome of the recent elections is that more female MPs have won seats in the House of Commons than ever before. 220 female MPs have been elected this time, more than the 208 of 2017 general elections. In detail, female Conservative candidates won 86 seats, while more than half of the seats are secured by women MPs in the Labour Party.


As his campaign pledge of “Get Brexit Done” helped him get re-elected, Prime Minister Johnson said: "It does look as though this One Nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate to get Brexit done." As the Conservatives have won the 2019 British general elections, Mr. Johnson is to remain as Prime Minister. The recent victory is, therefore, likely to get his Brexit deal ratified in January, paving the way for the exit as promised by Prime Minister during election campaigns. However, U.K. still needs to enter a “transition period” with E.U. for trade negotiations under some of E.U. rules until December 2020.


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